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Branding & Identity Systems

Think of brand as an organization’s personality. A designer brings that personality to life via identity systems, which utilize logos, color schemes, font sets, etc.

Information Graphics

Visual representations of data or knowledge intended to present information quickly and clearly.

Website & Mobile Design

Striking an aesthetic chord for your on-screen presence. Responsive, optimized designs are the key.

Marketing Collateral

Materials used to promote brand awareness and support sales of a product or service.

Event, Exhibit & Presentation Graphics

Adapting design for diverse situations - public spaces, projections, 3D, oversized formats.


Meaningful messaging used to engage targeted conversation via channels such as print and social media.

Logo Design

WhoIs ApolloGx?

For 25 years I have initiated and fostered effective long term relationships within a corporation and as an outreach agent for my clients. My track record in Marketing Communications is impeccable. When deadlines loom and budgets dwindle, I shine.

MY METHOD: assess goals, be proactive and provide the appropriate measure of support.

MY MISSION: captivate, clarify and drive results.

Kate Nardone

Brand storytelling built on marketing strategy.


If you’re looking for fast, creative, and efficient marketing/web help, give Kate a call. She was able to help us focus our content and present an extremely technical, information-heavy product in a clear, modular way that made it easy for customers to digest. Kate’s always ready with a creative angle that gets the job done, and she’s a pleasure to collaborate with for any marketing project. Thanks for helping make www.truxtonforensics.com a big success!

Information Rich Digestible Content

Information Rich Digestible Content

Dave Ryberg, Truxton Forensic Sales at Probity Inc.

Kate is very thorough, professional and has the can-do/will-do attitude. She will bring creativity, professionalism and will go above and beyond to deliver stellar results.

Above and Beyond

Above and Beyond

Alfred Barnes, Jr., Audit Assistant at the Office of Tax and Revenue
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